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Holy One

Heart to Heart
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Gail Engling

You are my way out of a darkness,
A blazing sun could never light
You are my way
You are my Promise
You are the Word the Truth of Life
You are my way,
You are my shelter
Nowhere else do I need to run
You are the True Son
Of my Heavenly Father
You are the Holy one

Holy One ~ You are my Savior
Holy One ~ Gentle Prince of Peace
You are my Comfort and my Keeper
Because of You I sing.

Holy One ~ You are my Savior
Holy One ~ my Redeeming King
Emmanuel ~ my Precious Jesus
You are Beautiful to me
(You are Everything to me)

I don’t need to climb a mountain
To see my Father’s face
You are my Bridge from Earth to Heaven
With Your life you took that place
I have been captured by Your whispers
Your Words I call my own
I want to praise You with the angels
I long to worship at Your thrown.