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Who I Am

The first CD entitled WHO I AM, is a collection of songs she has written throughout the years of her life, from the age of sixteen up until 1996. It was a time when she was seeing her son off to the Army, and sending her daughter off to kindergarten; it was then she came to the realization that it was time to record those songs that seemed to map out significant milestones in her life. Even though it is considered a secular release, it is clear the Lord had His hand in it, with many of her original songs that reference her faith, which emerged from her music even at the ripe old age of 16.

Track Title Listen
1 Who Could Ask For More
2 Heaven Will Be Waiting
3 Easy Thing
4 Rainbow's End
5 A Mother's Words
6 Love Letters
7 Sweet Mother Earth
8 Green
9 Papa Gene's Blues
10 Dream A Little Dream Of Me
11 Marcie
12 Who I Am