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A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven...

A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven...

So much of South East Michigan (as well as many other states in the U.S.) have had many exceedingly dry days bringing desert like conditions to an otherwise lush and green landscape. Many wonder if it will ever rain again, or did we see the last of it in the early spring months? Briefly we are teased by sprinkles of rain from the heavenlies, but really not as much as we truly need.

SPRING ... On the Horizon

For many people the Spring season brings on a plethora of emotions and great expectations of the days to come. It is a time of the earth's re-emergence of new life. The fragrance of a spring rain or the sound of our feathered friends calling to each other looking for that special mate. For some here in the North country we chomp at the bit to start digging and planting in our gardens. Cabin fever sets in and we long for longer days and warmer weather...Well some of you do. I still as you know prefer the cooler temps. Spring and Autumn are my preferred months.

Happy New Year Spring Fever Is Here!

January Fridays at VBK

Hello again, I pray you are all staying nice and toasty in this frigid month of January. I start longing for the thaw right about now, and though we have had an extremely mild winter, I don't care for the frigid temperatures, especially without the snow. Yes, I know we have had a dusting, and only one significant dump of the white stuff that was here and gone within days, ( I am not complaining!) and even though I will cherish and not wish away each day....I will mantra... Come on Spring!

Fall Fun at The Village Bar & Kitchen

Fall Schedule Village Bar & Kitchen

Autumn has finally settled in, and I am LOVING it! There is nothing like the fragrance of wood smoke from a backyard bonfire, or PUMPKIN anything! I will admit I have some difficulty keeping the leaves tidied up on our property but that is a small price to pay to watch God show off His painting skills.

Hot Fun in the Summertime!

Hey there one and all! This is going to be a very musical next couple of weeks! Although we are not playing the outdoor street fairs as much as we would like; we will still be playing every week through August and a few weeks in September as it stands right now. We look forward to seeing you at the St. Mary's Summer Fair and the Milford Memories Street Fair (check out the calendar for dates, times and locations.) We will also be bringing music to your Friday evenings at the fabulous Village Bar and Kitchen.

Summer Time Fun

Summer Time Fun

This time of year evokes a flood of childhood memories for me. Even though Autumn is my season of choice...I love the memories of ... Warm sunny days, when a few puffy white clouds that will pass between you and the sun as they ride the breeze in the clear blue sky. As evening rolls around and the sun hangs heavy in the now pastel painted sky; fireflies (or lighting bugs which ever you prefer) dot the air around you. The amazing fragrance of wood smoke from a neighboring bonfire or barbeque spare ribs wafting through the air would just make me smile and a bit lightheaded.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait...

I must have blinked. It is already October and I have so much I wanted to have done before this month. I have had to face the harsh reality that All Good Things come in HIS timing.

This past summer (the latter half of it to be exact) has been quite the humbling experience. The weather had grabbed our time twice this season. Once with the hail storm that wreaked havoc on our household and property; and the seemingly endless time and inconvenience it has taken ( is taking they still have one building of siding to complete...) to bring it back to normal is astounding.

On the Horizon!

This coming year proves to be an exciting and educational journey for me as I embark on a new venture! The Music VIDEO! I have to laugh mainly because I (along with many a musician) have secretly imagined myself in a music video since the very first day MTV brought them into our homes. And while they have changed dramatically in nature and content (mostly questionable content) there are some very wonderful expressions of music and videography out there!

Going With The Flow

Yes, it has been quite a while since I have checked in to my little blog here. My days have been filled with a plethora of little challenges, and duties and other such busyness.

In January I became Music Minister and Worship Leader at a new church in Milford. Mill Creek Community Church to be exact. Waiting on the promises of the Lord to grow our new congregation; both Keith and I join the pastors Reggie and Lois Wall in building a warm and welcome atmosphere of worship.

Power & Glory Christmas Concert!

Power & Glory Christmas Concert at Toby Keith's Bar & Grill in Auburn Hills, MI

The Final Event of this Year…. Come and get your Christmas on and fill your heart with the Holiday Spirit. Good for heart, good for the spirit! Admission FREE! Open to One and ALL! Family Friendly! 4 band Concert!

Power and Glory Christmas Concert at TOBY KEITH’s of Auburn Hills
Sunday, December 22, 2013 6:00PM

My "Road Crew" and I will be sharing the stage with the likes of Rufus Harris, David Winans II, and Sweet Crystal once again at Toby Keith's in Auburn Hills!

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