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Stop Draggin' Your Feet

Now I don't claim to be a writer..heck I just had to make sure I spelled WRITER right, because it just doesn't look right. I am not even sure what I will be BLOGGING about (to use the correct vernacular). I was however, told..."Just do it. Make it a priority and do it often." Who will care? I am assured if I write it they will read. They may not respond but they will read. Who are THEY anyway? Here starts an out of the box journey into the unknown ~ Gail's Blog.

I only have one poignant thought for the day~
"Like clay in the hand of the Potter, so are you in My hand". ~ Jeremiah 18:6
I am honored to be molded by the hand of God because~
"God's fingers can touch nothing but to mold it into loveliness." ~George MacDonald

God's Blessings to you,