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Busy Busy Busy

It amazes me how quickly a day can pass now. I wake up, stumble to the kitchen to make the hubby lunch for the day, spend a bit of quiet time with God, and then do my best to make it to the Y at least 3 times a week, by then it is almost noon and I must decide what I NEED to spend my time on for the rest of the day. Groom my dogs, work on my music, clean the house, work on my music, work out in the yard, visit my parents, grocery shop, take a shower...WORK ON MY MUSIC! Honestly I could add quite a bit more but I have already bored you to tears with what I have already mentioned... All that to say that for some reason I can't do everything I want or NEED to get done when I really would like to. In my head I have the whole day (at least 10 more hours) to get done everything I want to get reality God is laughing hysterically knowing I can't do much of anything without His help. I actually think He has messed with the time and space continuum, so everything SEEMS as it normally would, but really HE has disguised time to be going much faster that we could ever realize would be possible. He is God after all.So I plug along my day trying to do what I do in the time I have to do it and pray that something will have been accomplished by the time I lay my head down for the night. All in all it has been a good day, I am still breathing, my hubby and I still love each other, I still have a roof over my head with the necessary provisions to get through a day in one piece, and I know in my Heart God Still Loves Me! Day accomplished ready for tomorrow.