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Classic simply Classic

You have heard the term CLASSIC ROCK. You have heard the term Alternative (fill in the genre here). People seem to like putting musicians in a box of some sort. Then there are artists like myself who were birthed in one time period, but are still trying to thrive and create and entertain in another one seemingly light years away. Okay so I am a few decades older than when I started back in the late 60's. I was a die hard fan for the "FOLK" music and I suppose if you don't mention it to anyone, I will confess to the BUBBLE GUM phase of my life as well including but not limited to David Cassidy and the Partridge Famiy, and my all time biggest hearthrob DONNY OSMOND! I still have photo mag clippings of Donny from Tiger Beat Magazine and Teen Magazine. But since it is just you and me here I am NOT ashamed to admit I was a bit crazed. Although I was disappointed when I saw David Cassidy at Edge Water Park and traded all my DC pics for the Love of my life DONNY (whom I have never seen in person, but would absolutely love to see before Jesus takes me home)...But I digress.
When John Denver arrived on the scene in full force in 1973 with "Rocky Mountain High" I was HOOKED. I thought to myself and then proclaimed to my small little world of people... I could do that kind of music. It was simple to play on my guitar, lyrically driven and easy to listen to. ( I was never one for hard core, blast your ears kind of music.) His music brought me to life, helped me realize my dreams and actually gave me a direction to take with my own music.

Now-a-days though even though my music and performing style has many more facets, I am still a FOLK musician at heart. But those in the Folk community do not see me that way. In fact they are kind of snobbish, purest folk snobs if you will. I will withhold names, but it is hurtful none the less. When did I fall off the Folk boat and in to the land of Country oblivion...I am decribed lovingly as LITTLE REBA, Faith, Or more recently MAMA JUDD. Folk has gone...COUNTRY? My hubby finally said to me the other day ..."GAIL you might as well just embrace it!" Now there is nothing wrong with Country, I love Country Music, well some of it anyway, (I am very eclectic with my music to begin with so country fits I suppose.) I can twang it up with the best of them, but I would like to think there is more to me than just a country twang, or being an OLD FOKIE. Those of you who may know me know that I have a heart for music, I have a heart for the lyric that creates the vision and meaning to those who are listening.
I praise God with my music, I sing of Love and heart break with my music and I love to have fun with my music. My talents were a gift from the Lord above and I will use and share and sing them out in the best way I know how, no matter what genre box you want to put me in, know that I just wanna sing my music for you!