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On the Horizon!

On the Horizon!

This coming year proves to be an exciting and educational journey for me as I embark on a new venture! The Music VIDEO! I have to laugh mainly because I (along with many a musician) have secretly imagined myself in a music video since the very first day MTV brought them into our homes. And while they have changed dramatically in nature and content (mostly questionable content) there are some very wonderful expressions of music and videography out there!
I have always wanted to be part of that...and so it goes. I have initialized and put in to motion the necessary elements to become part of that genre ~ THE MUSIC VIDEO!
Having met with my new Director and Cinematographer, creating and envisioning and finding them both in harmony with my initial vision of this next endeavor ~ I have started to put the wheels into motion.

My vision includes many of the musicians I have had the pleasure of working with who have become both inspiration and friends along the path of my musical journey. And I want to thank in advance those of you who have joyfully and excitedly agreed to join forces with me to create this one of a kind memory, not just for me but for all of us!
This Video is not just about me, it is to focus on the bond we all have created from our past, from our music, from our journey through life as beings who have lived and breathed life through our music!

So stay tuned for sneak peeks and teasers I will be sharing with you all as we create!

Hugs, Love, Peace and God's Blessings to you all!