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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait...

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

I must have blinked. It is already October and I have so much I wanted to have done before this month. I have had to face the harsh reality that All Good Things come in HIS timing.

This past summer (the latter half of it to be exact) has been quite the humbling experience. The weather had grabbed our time twice this season. Once with the hail storm that wreaked havoc on our household and property; and the seemingly endless time and inconvenience it has taken ( is taking they still have one building of siding to complete...) to bring it back to normal is astounding.

The floods which while praise God was only minor for my family living on and near the Clinton River still put a tad bit of a strain on a few days. It was a true blessing from God that there was very little damage to anyone of them, with all the devastation in the homes around them including the immediate next door neighbors, and yet everyone in my family was spared! That was truly a miracle!

The music video I had hoped would be in process and at the very least be scheduled to record was put on the back burner, but it will happen of that I am certain. Just not in my desired timing. While I look forward to being able to say "CUT" "That's a wrap" I will continue to be patient and allow things to occur as they will.

So I will continue to perform in the public square as often as I am able. I will continue to record and work on my current CD project LOVE AND REDEMPTION. Finally I will continue to believe that this video I have been envisioning for the past few years will come to fruition. And that I will continue to grow in my creativity in all areas of my life.

Till Next Time
Many Blessings to you and yours!