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Summer Time Fun

Summer Time Fun

This time of year evokes a flood of childhood memories for me. Even though Autumn is my season of choice...I love the memories of ... Warm sunny days, when a few puffy white clouds that will pass between you and the sun as they ride the breeze in the clear blue sky. As evening rolls around and the sun hangs heavy in the now pastel painted sky; fireflies (or lighting bugs which ever you prefer) dot the air around you. The amazing fragrance of wood smoke from a neighboring bonfire or barbeque spare ribs wafting through the air would just make me smile and a bit lightheaded.

Traveling carnivals set up in the parking lot of the nearest school or shopping center. Days when the sun finally settles down to nap around 10pm. Vacations UP North, were a tradition with my family as far back as I can remember. It wasn't a complete summer until we packed our car and headed North and vacation didn't start until we hit the Keeweenaw Peninsula. Crossing the mighty Mackinac brought a peace and everything would just seem to slow right down as we leisurely headed to our final destination ~ Copper Harbor. Driving up highway to the Houghton Hancock bridge. What a breath taking sight at the top of the hill looking down on Houghton in October, almost reminiscent of New England in the fall but it was just as beautiful in the Summer time. Visiting family in Calumet (where my father was born and his family lived out their days). Checking out the old abandon copper mines (my Grandpa Perenchio lost his life in the Red Jacket Copper Mine when my dad was around 2 years old.) Driving the shore line of Lakes Michigan and Superior. Driving the mogul roads up to Brockway Mountain and back down again into Copper Harbor where we would tent camp at the Fort Wilkens rustic campgrounds....I really miss those special moment with my family.

Now I am hard pressed to take a vacation at all much less 2 weeks in the UP. But I still strive and plan to hope to get there again, although I am quite sure so much has changed I wouldn't recognize it; as they say you can't go home again.
I fill my time now making new memories with my grand kids, and experiencing the joy of tending my own garden, making music in my now hometown, and our recording studio. Take time to enjoy the simple moments, the precious moments. Create them if they do not come naturally.

Carve out some time to love your loved ones, and thank the Good Lord above for another day to do it.

Hope to see you when I am singing to the stars (or inside if it is raining...LOL) We have a summer load of music to share with you. Check out the calendar for our summer events!
Oh and make sure you catch a few fireflies in a mason jar for your little ones. The experience is PRICELESS!
Till Next time...
Peace Love and Blessings!