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A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven...

A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven...

So much of South East Michigan (as well as many other states in the U.S.) have had many exceedingly dry days bringing desert like conditions to an otherwise lush and green landscape. Many wonder if it will ever rain again, or did we see the last of it in the early spring months? Briefly we are teased by sprinkles of rain from the heavenlies, but really not as much as we truly need. On the flip side of this, there are places in the south that are used to dry and desert-like conditions that are experiencing considerably more than their share of rain, so much so that towns and businesses are paralyzed, underwater and really would prefer to not see it anymore.
Changes in our climate; - is it creating a new NORMAL?

There are times the change is a drastic, from one end of the spectrum to the other, and other times subtle and slow easier to adapt to. And so it goes...and will always be. There is a time for every purpose under heaven.

There have been many changes in how we as Americans view the country we are living in and our daily challenges: with the rapid progress of technology; the drastic differences of the generational mindsets, a phenomenon which has plagued one generation to the next.

All this to say that as a musician in this ever changing world, we must evolve along with how the music scene has progressed. I must admit unless you are a tech wizard keeping up with the rapidly changing way the public hears our music, from vinyl, to cassette tapes, to 8-track tapes, to CDs, on to the MP3s and 4s, download cards, back to vinyl again. Then, the Cyber confusion for someone of mature age with downloads, and streaming and listening without really wanting to buy or own our music. There was a time when venues that more than appreciated and pursued the "LIVE BAND" and paid handsomely for the honor of having us perform and draw in our special brand of customers. Venue owners have since come to bargaining table; wanting to cut our hours from the usual 4 hours for a gig down to 2 hours, just so they can pay the entertainment less, suggesting we leave a musician or two at home and pay a very small percentage of what was at one time, a decent way to provide for our families while doing what we love and what we were literally born to do; bringing music into the lives of many.

Yes the entertainment world has a new face (or should I say is becoming faceless.) The NEW NORMAL- is becoming cold and impersonal and really difficult to make a decent living with the talents God has gifted us.

So we gather in quaint, disregarded, theater buildings, with our guitars and like minded musicians, usually in the 40 to 75 year old age bracket. Attempting to bring back glimpses of our past, recreating the simplicity of the days when, as a musician, you walked into a venue, walked up on a stage where you were received warmly by true fans of your art. People who came from near and far just to sit and listen and cheer you on, letting you know that your music had made a difference in their lives. Letting you know it was that one beautiful song that got them through that rocky patch of life, or created a memory of the happiest day of their life.

Sadly long for days like that. Perhaps you stepped out of the lime light for just a fraction of time to do what you needed to do, only to come back to do what you were born to do, but when you returned, you came back to realize you have become irrelevant and and no longer desired or worse to a completely unfamiliar way of presenting yourself, and can't quite figure out why it has become so complicated, or so foreign. Suddenly everything that came so easy has now become obsolete or out of date.

As I ramble on and on I realize I have so much more to say with my music. My NORMAL has changed but my message has not.
I am still here for you!